Bad Blood: The Border War that Triggered the Civil War

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Bad Blood: The Border War that Triggered the Civil War is the story of an epic and influential time in our nation's history. In the years leading up to the Civil War, a bloody conflict between slaveholders and abolitionists focused the nation's eyes on the state of Missouri and the territory of Kansas. Told through the actual words of slave owners, free-staters, border ruffians, and politicians, Bad Blood presents the complex morality, differing values, and life-and-death decisions faced by those who lived on the Missouri-Kansas border in the turbulent years from 1854 through 1860. Shot in stunning high-definition video, Bad Blood is the recipient of two 2007 Emmys and was named Best History Program in a Large Market by the National Educational Television Association in 2007. Bonus material includes historical interviews and behind the scenes footage.


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